Day 1 ; Incheon to Busan

Day 2 ; Busan 

Here’s a quick summary of what we did in Busan. It’s a shame we only spent two days there because we loved the place so much (and more than Seoul, that’s for sure), especially the food! More details on what we did on individual days coming your way very soon, I promise! But for now, these will have to do.

I’m sure most of you have watched Train to Busan — a heart-wrenching movie about a zombie apocalypse that made me cried so bad. I swear Koreans have a gift of making super touching and relatable movies. If you’ve watched Tidal Wave/Haeundae which is also filmed in Busan, (I bawled my eyes out watching it) you'd relate to that. 

I’m glad we managed to score a deal by reserving our flexible 2-day Korail (KR) pass from Indiway which is 5% cheaper than the official website and the cheapest I found online! Price for the pass differs for the various groups and descends from adult, saver (for 2-5 pax groups), youth to child. I’m glad we are eligible for the youth passes (for passengers between the ages of 12 and 25) since prices are much cheaper than adult passes. Guess that’s another reason to travel while you’re young, right? KR passes allow travels on high-speed trains (KTX), conventional trains as well as tourist trains. 

The booking process at FUNKO is fairly simple. Before booking, it’d be good to have a rough itinerary in mind because you’ll need to confirm the date to redeem the passes. Once that’s done, select the number and type of passes required, proceed to the checkout page where you’ll be asked to fill out a google form with details like passport number, D.O.B and nationality. After that, complete your payment and you’ll receive a confirmation email including the voucher. Don’t panic if you don’t receive it immediately because ticketing is managed by a government office that only operates on working days. 

All information required will be in the email, so follow the clear instructions provided and you will be fine! Remember to print out the voucher from the email and present it along with your passport when collecting your KR passes. You’ll need to show your KR passes at the ticket booth to redeem your train tickets with specific seat numbers before you board the train, so be sure to arrive at the station early! If you’re using the flexible pass, you’ll also need to activate it on your first day of travel. Worry not, because everything could be done at the ticketing booth. Click here for more information. 

The good thing about FUNKO is the flexibility and convenience they provided. Upon payment, you’ll still be able to cancel your KR pass up to one day before the chosen redemption date and get a refund of 90%. Convenience-wise, I like how we can get other tickets required for our travel on the same site. Besides the KR passes, we also reserved our 10-day SIM cards, Everland entrance tickets and a day tour to Gapyeong all through FUNKO. Everything was done in a swift and we had such an enjoyable time travelling without having to worry since we've settled all the things we need!  

We took the KTX to Busan which took less than 3 and a half hours from Incheon airport. Could you imagine our excitement when we board the train! The entire journey to Busan felt weirdly familiar (but not in a creepy way or whatsoever) since we were very much reminded of the scenes we have seen in the movie. Honestly, I can't wait to share more about our trip because we had so, so much fun, stay tuned :-)  

Lastly, a huge shout out to Indiway for their efficiency and service that made our travel in Busan and Seoul a fuss-free one.