Follow me to Tallinn

photographed by myself; portraits by Yik Herr

We arrived on a Sunday and spent two days here. Although admittedly, we could've done more research before booking the trip so we wouldn't be dumbfounded to find out that most attractions are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (we learnt it the hard way), but it was nice strolling around the undisturbed old town.

I've come up with a quick guide for those looking to visit. Personally, I'd recommend it as a day trip destination from Helsinki (a 2 hours ferry ride away) as Tallinn is really small and you can explore most attractions in a day. Also, if you're planning to visit the Kadriorg Palace or are coming from the airport, opt for an uber for a much cheaper fare!

Where to eat 

Sfäär Resto & Store: We were starving when we stumbled upon this cute restaurant located just outside our apartment. We liked the cool and chill vibes it radiates, and it is also connected to a boutique store. 

Vegan Inspiratsioon: As you can tell from the name, it is a vegan restaurant. While Yik Herr didn't initially agree with my choice of restaurant, he really enjoyed the spiced turmeric soup (and it kept him warm throughout the day). I got a winter cookie cake and I loved it! If vegan is your thing, definitely check out Vegan Restoran V too! 

Restaurant Pegasus: A perfect dinner spot for those looking for something a little different/fusion. Similar restaurants include Restoran Farm, Restoran Cru and DOM restaurant. 

Osteria del Gallo Nero: If like us, you're craving for some Italian food during your visit then this is the place to go. After a plate of spicy agile olio, a huge bowl of warm soup, and maybe some side dishes, we’re once again ready to brave the cold.

Sushi Silk: Japanese is the way to go. What can get more Asian than our craving for rice when travelling abroad? In a place where there aren't many Asians, I will give this restaurant a pass. 

The living Room Cafe: A great coffee spot where Yik Herr tried chai latte (it was the best I've ever had, and trust me, I've tried many!) for the first time and fell in love with it. 

Kompressor: A pancake place that we've heard good things about, but sadly, didn't have a chance to try. 

Besides those attractions listed above, I'd strongly recommend visiting the Estonian History Museum, which we did since we had some time to spare before dinner on our last day. It was surprisingly one of my favourite attractions there as the experience was truly enriching. We spent more than an hour in the museum where I got to know more about their culture, history and background.