Speaking of traditional Taiwanese breakfast, Yong He Soy Milk is one that's not to be missed. Tucked along Fuxing South Road, this breakfast spot frequented by tourists has also earned its place among the hearts of locals. It's certainly not startling to see a queue forming outside the shop, but you'll be glad to find out that most of them are actually waiting in line for their takeaways. If you wish you enjoy your breakfast there, simply head into the store, grab a seat (if you manage to find one) and place your order. Their speciality - soy milk was amazing - the sweetness was spot on, and there's a strong soybean aroma. Even though their savoury tofu curd was something new to us (we normally have it sweet), we really liked how the dried radish and pieces of dried dough sticks added textures to every bite. The fragrance from the dried shrimps is what differentiates tofu curd here from Fu Hang's. While you're at it, try blending into the Taiwanese culture by dipping your dough sticks into the soy milk, you'll be pleasantly surprised (I promise!). Besides getting the dough sticks that were sandwiched between two flatbreads, we also got the egg crepes to try out, and loved how the pork floss brought out the flavour of the crepes which would've otherwise been too bland. Our breakfast was super filling - we're literally stuffed - yet inexpensive. We paid NTD 105 for everything!  



If you pass by Hua Shang Market in the morning, you'll surely be amazed by the line in front of the market, where everyone is queueing to get their breakfast fix! Thankfully, when we arrived on a Tuesday morning, it was significantly less crowded and we managed to get our order within fifteen minutes. They have an ordering system where you'll first be asked if you want cold/warm/savoury soy milk. After that's served to you on a tray, you can move on and order the rest of items from the menu (egg crepes, flatbreads etc). Lastly, you can pay and get a seat in the food court! Even though they are famous for their flatbreads, their egg crepe is a must-try! In comparison to those from Yong He's, we're impressed by the the crepes here that were bursting with flavours (even when it's served plain without any pork floss). The fried egg smelled heavenly and since the crepe itself was slightly thicker, it was chewier than the norm. I personally, was more accustomed to the taste of the savoury tofu curd served here instead of Yong He's. It actually tasted very similar to steamed egg. The bits of fried dough sticks and chopped spring onions complemented the entire bowl of savoury goodness. Sadly, we found the Chinese flatbread a little too hard to our liking. But the dough sticks inside was one of the crispiest I've had - it's fried to perfection. I'll consider ordering the thinner version of the flatbread next time. Be sure to stop by Fu Hang if you ever visit Taipei!