Most cafes in Taipei has a minimum spending rule that requires each diner to order at least one drink and this place isn't an exception. We wanted to try out their spaghetti but ended up having to order a cuppa matcha latte (thankfully it was good!). The seafood quartet we ordered was mind-blowingly delectable! Besides the amazing plating skills (how is this not the perfect spaghetti twirl ever?), they are also extremely generous with the ingredients used. There was scallops, mentaiko, prawns and mussels, hence the name. Every bite is an explosion of flavours - a combination of an overpowering seafood aroma with a garlicky fragrance, coupled with al dente noodles mixed in white sauce. What made our experience even more memorable was the impeccable service. Somehow an attentive waiter found out that we're foreigners (perhaps our accent gave it away?) and kindly offered us a bowl of curly chips on the house. Well, it would be impolite to reject his thoughtfulness, right? Even though they are famous for their spaghetti and baked rice, the blueberry mochi waffles here is also a popular dish that we didn't get to try, sadly. Next time, maybe? 






The white building adorned with succulent plants accentuates Yucca's ambience - classy yet full of life. One of the key element in the interior would be the piece of plain wall where the foliages hang. Harmonising with its theme, each and every corner of the space can be seen with pots of greeneries. On top of that, the full-length window draws in plenty of natural light, making the entire place cosy and relaxing. Besides the eight types of sweet/savoury toasts that one can choose from, the acai jar they served is fancied by all. With crushed acai berries smoothie as a base, topped with crunchy granola, colourful fruits and nuts, it's a dish that is distinct in layers but blends well in flavours. This is would be the perfect example of a dish that's uses quality ingredients, tastes amazing, leaves you full and contended without that feeling of guilt. We've also ordered their sleeping beauty tea that is brewed with rose, sweet osmanthus, marigolds and sweetened with honey.  If you wish you have afternoon tea instead, go ahead and try their french toast that's only available from 2-5pm.