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What to do in STOCKHOLM, Sweden? Café Saturnus | Storkyrkan | Stortorget | Stockholm Stadion  Heard of H&M and Acne Studios? Swedish.  What about IKEA, Fjällräven and COS? Swedish as well! Beyond its thriving startup scene and minimalistic designs  (in both fashion and furniture), Stockholm's modern buzz,  tranquil waterways and Scandi cool make it a  perennially popular city.  
What to do in STOCKHOLM/SWEDEN? Café Saturnus | Storkyrkan | Stortorget | Stockholm Stadion
What to do in STOCKHOLM/SWEDEN?  Konditori Sturekatten | Mörby Centrum
What to do in STOCKHOLM/SWEDEN? The Royal Palace | 

where to go

Metro stations — the world's longest art gallery. But subway stations, really? Trust me, you'll be amazed by all the gems you can find underground. We had an amazing time exploring colourful underground. Our favourite includes Mörby Centrum (with pastel clouds and candy-striped wall) & Stockholm Stadion (a huge rainbow graffiti that stretches out from one side of the wall to the other through the ceiling). 

 — you obviously can't get in the Parliament House without a guided tour, but there's a walkway in between the two chambers that makes a good photo spot, especially when the morning rays shine through the pillars.  

Vasamuseet — one of the most fascinating museums I've been to, featuring an almost fully intact 17th-century ship, Vasa, that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. What particularly fascinating is the bottom-floor exhibition that used modern forensic science to recreate the faces and life stories of several ill-fated passengers.  

Djurgårdsbron & Galärparken — amazing view of the other side of the river from the park, making it a perfect place to wind down the day as you watch the sunset and the entire landscape transforms into a gorgeous golden hue. 

Stockholm City Hall & Stadshusparken — behind the magnificent facades are offices and session halls for politicians and officials who work during weekdays. However, during weekends, visitors get to explore this famous attraction where the annual great Nobel banquet is held. Note that it's open to the public through guided tours only. A fantastic view of Riddarholmen from the park! 

Gamla Stan — essentially the old town of Stockholm that houses most of the tourist spots, including the Nobelmusset and others like: 

Stortorget — a historic square lined with rainbow houses (by now you should realise how much the country loves colours hahaha)  

Storkyrkan — the cathedral is Stockholm's oldest building and home to some magnificent treasures including an ornately decorated organ. 

The Royal Palace — my favourite because it feels like home hahahaha. No, not really, but it's a gorgeous place. When we visited, there was a wedding dress exhibition that made me all dress-envy. 

What to do in STOCKHOLM, Sweden? Riksdagshuset
What to do in STOCKHOLM, Sweden? Galärparken
What to do in STOCKHOLM, Sweden? Djurgårsbron
What to do in STOCKHOLM, Sweden? Meatballs for the people | Stockholm City Hall
What to do in Stockholm, Sweden? Fika at Fabrique! 

Where to eat 

Café Saturnus — for kanelbullar (cinnamon roll) as big as your face, not necessarily the best but it's good for sharing. Don't forget to order a hot cuppa matcha latte to go with your sweet treat.  

Konditori Sturekatten — a princess needs her cake, right? Head over to this quaint bakery/café for their famous princess cake and classic, old school charm. The marzipan covering the cake comes in two colours – green & pink (they both taste the same). Also, they don't take cash (weird, I know), so make sure you have your card with you! Their chai latte is also one of the best.   

Fabrique — A bakery chain to satisfy your daily dose of fika. They also have branches in London, so be sure to check them out for the delectable baked goods (both their kanelbullars & vanilla buns are amazing, I promise!)  

Meatballs for the People — a restaurant, bar and shop in one. Served with potato puree, lingonberries & brown gravy, the seemingly simple but filling dish was elevated to great heights. The meatballs were fresh, a rather refined version of the ones you can find in the frozen aisle of IKEA's grocer. For meatballs, we've heard great reviews of Bakfickan but sadly didn't get to try.  

Speceriet — an annex of Gastrologik and a place we really wanted to try but didn't manage to make a reservation and it was really full even on a weekday. So, we settled for Milles (just a few minutes walk away) and our dinner was great! 

What to do in Stockholm, Sweden? Stadshuparken 

The city spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren — it's huge! Find cool, offbeat cafés in Stockholm's eclectic Södermalm neighbourhood, modern fusion restaurants in its Östermalm district and vintage charm in historic Gamla Stan.  

Where to stay  

Hotel with Urban Deli — we enjoyed our stay in Lower Norrmalm. The central location made everywhere easily accessible – both by foot and metro/bus. Also, since Urban Deli is an integration of gourmet supermarket, restaurant, bar and café, their buffet breakfast selections were great!  

For those of you looking to visit, I hope these recommendations help!