Day 3 ; Busan to Seoul

Day 4 ; Seoul

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Day 5 ; Seoul

Day 6 ; Seoul 

Day 7 ; Seoul

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Just a quick summary of the rest of our South Korea itinerary, where we tried to cover Seoul in less than 5 days. Again, more details on what we did each day coming your way very soon!

I know we (especially us girls) can all agree that a week in South Korea isn’t enough, yet alone visiting not just one, but two places. Thankfully, we managed to try everything we wanted to eat and shop as much as we could in a short span of just seven days. There are still many pretty cafés we haven’t got the time to go, but all the more reason to visit this beautiful country again, right?

Of course, it would be nearly impossible to travel to all these amazing places without the help of Google Map/Citymapper. (Tip: use Google Map to pin down all the attractions you wish to go and then use Citymapper to navigate around Seoul) Google Map's great, but in a country where there's a language barrier (since everything's in Korean), it doesn't work as effectively as it normally would. Citymapper, on the other hand, is more updated and provides more options for getting around the city. 

That said, a smartphone with 24/7 internet access is definitely on the top of my travel essentials list. What's a smartphone if it doesn’t allow you to navigate around an unfamiliar country (and share pictures on your social media instantly, duh)? I know of people who rely only on wifi when they travel, but isn't it troublesome to ask for wifi password at every restaurant you step foot in? Others resort to using portable wifi devices, but trust me, they aren’t the most convenient either. It needs to constantly be charged. On top of that, it's hard to split ways since everyone is relying on the same device in order to reach one another. So that doesn’t seem like a great idea either. It then boils down to the last and final option, which is getting a SIM card with internet access. Now we're talking. That’s (obviously!) my favourite way to stay connected while travelling! 

Last August when I visited Seoul I got my SIM card from KT olleh. I loved the service and how fast the unlimited data they provided was. This time around, I managed to reserve it through Indiway where you can get the same SIM card at 10% off (yay!) Note: the prepaid SIM card with unlimited data doesn't include voice/SMS. That doesn't bother us since we can always resort to Facetime/Whatsapp calls. 

 After reservation and payment, you'll immediately receive a confirmation email with clear instructions (pictures included!) on how/where to collect your SIM card (depending on the location selected, click here for the list). Since we chose to collect ours at Incheon airport, there's also a little map of the airport included in the email to help us locate the booths. Upon arrival, you'll just need to show the confirmation email on your phone with your passport to get your SIM card. Voilà! It is as simple as it sounds. You'll also be given a user guide that contains useful information about the SIM card. But it'd be good to install your SIM card before leaving the counter just to make sure it works. In any case, if it doesn't, you can always seek help from their staffs. 

Just a few things to note: Once installed, the SIM card is activated and its validity is calculated on a 24-hours basis which is awesome, by the way. That means a 5-day SIM is valid for 120 hours once activated. Also, since date extension isn't available, it'd be good to get a plan that will last longer than your stay if you wish to continue using the data (we got a 10-day SIM for our 7-day trip).

If you don't already know, South Korea has the fastest internet speed in the world - it was impeccable and well, extremely fast. That's certainly something we could all get used to. For those looking to travel to Korea soon, don't forget to reserve your SIM card here