trefle uo.png

Whimsical wooden interior with a rose pink storefront? Check. Delicate desserts that look almost too cute to be eaten? Check.

I swear Trèfle UO have the daintiest desserts — each and every one of them looks so perfect it makes you wonder the amount of effort put in to create such sugary creations. Along with an iced Sakura tea (it was a really warm day), we tried the mousse de rouge and bleuet out of their amazing dessert collection. The mousse de rouge — a tart filled with rose mousse — has a hint of pistachio which I personally thought was refreshing. Our favourite, however, was the bleuet. I love how well the crunch of its rich, chocolate-coated base, complemented the velvety vanilla cream on top, it just leaves you wanting for more! 



There is something about this café that piqued our interest as we were walking around the neighbourhood in the search for ONEINAMILLION (which we didn't end up at because it was too packed). Maybe it was the crowd gathering in front of the elevator, or its mysterious, dimly-lit interior but this five-storey shophouse converted into a café complex has somehow lured us in. The artistic and gastronomic space is split into different levels: flower, fashion, cinema, gallery and a rooftop café. We secured ourselves a good spot on the balcony overlooking the whole of Hannam-dong neighbourhood where we immersed ourselves in a conversation, shielded from the inaudible voices of the crowd behind the glass panels — what a way to spend our afternoon. Oh, did I mention I tried coconut latte for the first time and just how ridiculously addictive it was? I love, love the brûlée cream foam on top! Don't get me started on how their paper cup just instantly makes the drink looks ten times yummier. 


shared table.png

This is hands down the most spacious cafés we visited in Seoul. There was a large communal table and as the name, Shared D Table suggests — it was perfect for parties, gatherings and large group meet ups. The café was divided into three parts: the Insta-worthy square right at the entrance, a long table in the middle and couple seats tucked at the back. I am already craving for the basil pesto spaghetti we had (topped with a perfectly poached egg, of course!). For desserts, we had their fruit mille crêpe, which I wasn't a huge fan of because it was too heavy on the cream.

스타일난다 핑크호텔


It wouldn't be an overstatement to call this place every girl's dream boutique café. Even if you aren't here for the food, come for the interior! The entire place is painted in a perfect shade of pink (well, hence the name), coupled with gold-tinted everything and marble tiles, what's not to love? The pinkpool café is located at the highest floor — that means you get to enjoy a rooftop view of Myeongdong, while sipping on your favourite drink. At that point, really, we're both too full to stomach any sort of drinks/cakes so we'd to call it a day. But, there's always next time! 

P/S I still have a long list of cafés in Seoul I've been dying to visit (but haven't got the chance to!). If you'd like to know more, hit me up and I'd be more than happy to share it with you!