If you are someone who fancies bijou cafés, then this one's for you. Upon entering the tiny space, you'll be welcomed by a blanched interior flecked with pastel colours from the desserts on display and the huge macaron tower atop the counter. We were honestly tied between getting the irresistibly cute rose and apple cake. But ended up with the apple - a vanilla mousse cake. Cutting through its dainty facade reveals a peach sorbet jelly core and an oaty, crunchy base which went amazingly well together. Personally, everything in this café's right up my alley,  I'd come again in a heartbeat.  


Nestled in a secluded area around Namsam, I'd be lying if I say that finding this place is requires little to no effort. We struggled to walk under the rain for a good ten minutes before wanting to almost abort our plan. Needless to say, the arduous journey has somewhat dampened our spirits but there's nothing some cakes and a good cuppa can't fix. Surprisingly, even in the late evening, this cosy cafe is still fairly packed with a never-ending crowd. By then, the summer toast we wanted to try has unfortunately been sold out, so we settled for their earl grey chiffon cake instead. I've had my fair share of interesting lattes throughout the trip, but their ringo (apple) latte has definitely left an impression. I'd say visit this place in the day because the natural light makes every little corner picturesque af. 

러빈허 플라워카페

I'm sure we can all agree that having too many florals in an enclosed space is never a bad thing. But seriously, with this amount of blooms, this café can easily pass off as a flower shop (not that I'm complaining though). The window seat by the entrance would surely make a good people-watching spot. That's especially so since it gives a panoramic view of the most hyped up photo spot of the café - an armchair placed underneath a cherry blossom tree (I mean, who can resist?). This is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon breaks as they have a whole gamut of floral teas to choose from. If that isn't to your liking, they also serve the usual coffees and interesting ice-blended. What's even better is that they provide props like flower garlands and nosegays, isn't that sweet? 


This bakery originating from San Francisco wouldn't be a stranger to all. Famed for its cruffins (a hybrid of croissant and muffin), we've probably seen it somewhere on Instagram. But since I wouldn't be going to the USA anytime soon, I just had to visit their fairly new branch in Seoul. It has been very popular with Seoulites since it opened its door around February last year. The flavour of the cruffins changes daily and is announced on their Instagram (@mrholmesbakehouse_kr) every week. There are some really unique flavours (modified to suit Koreans' taste buds) such as sweet potato and matcha with adzuki. We tried the jasmine-flavoured one and I really love how it retained the flakiness of a croissant alongside the moisture and flavours from a muffin. For all the croissant-lovers out there, there's also a lot of other flavoured-croissants (think matcha, Ferrero Rocher & churros) to pick from! 



Stay tuned for part II!