Follow me to Milan

photographed by the boyfriend, Yik Herr & myself

Being able to travel to Italy in mid July was indeed a dream come true, and I was fortunate enough to travel with the best company one could've ever asked for, which made the trip even more so.

Having only ten days in Italy, we settled for the more popular tourist destinations: Milan, Venice, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome (and in that order). After an early morning flight from Stansted, we arrived at Malpensa airport, ready to explore! The Malpensa express teleported us to to Milano Nord Canardo in less than 45 minutes, and we are just a walk away from our Airbnb. Since we were already starving by the time we landed, we settled for lunch at a nearby restaurant in Chinatown (we had pastas and pizzas of course). But what's a meal without desserts right? 

One of the perks of our Airbnb location, besides allowing us to take a stroll in Sempione Park daily (it's super romantic at night I swear!), was that it is just ten minutes walk away from Il Massimo Del Gelato. So, we obviously had to get some of that rich and creamy goodness! There was this system where you choose the size of your cup/cone, pay and then (finallyyyyy) try the different flavours they offer. And we just had to get ours in a cone, because not only does it look better, what's gelato without that crunchy waffle biscuit, right? The rum & raisin flavour was the bomb (I'm sure Zoe would agree!)

Our time in Milan revolved around admiring the beauty of Duomo di Milano (I mean, who doesn't love this white Gothic cathedral and its intricate architecture), window shopping at Gallerio Vittorio Emanuele II, and hunting for the best cannoli at random bakeries tucked away in quiet corners. If window shopping isn't your cup of tea, simply head to Milan Visitor Centre, hop on the shuttle bus that will bring you to Serravelle premium outlet (or any other premium outlets) for some real shopping. The outlet houses a lot of different brands including Prada, Burberry, Furla (my favourite!) etc, so there's bound to be something for everyone! 

More about the rest of my Italy trip coming up soon!