In London: 5 Japanese Cafés To Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings!



London cafe: WA CAFE  What I love from here:   Egg Mayo Bun - they sell out very early in the day,  be sure to arrive before that happens! Strawberry Shortcake - a classic Japanese dessert.  Delicate sponge cake with a lightly textured whipped cream and sumptuous fresh strawberries.   White Sesame Cheesecake - our all-time favourite.  Pair it with a pot of refreshing yuzu tea   


London cafe: LANKA  They serve a wide selection of 20-25 types of cakes daily.  From roll cakes; to mousses; to tarts; to eclairs; to choux;  to gateâu; to panna cotta; to crème brûlée; to puddings,  you name it, they have it.  What I love:  The Gateâus - So far, I’ve tried the white chocolate one with adzuki beans filling and the matcha gateâu. I love them both!  Matcha Roll Cake - there’s a reason why this remained as  one of their staples that is available daily. I like how the fresh  fruits (berries & kiwis) complement the lightness of the  fresh cream.


London cafe: SHIBUYA  This modest, two-floor space manages to be a cafe, bakery,  sushi joint, and ice cream parlour, all rolled into one. It serves  Japanese cuisine as well as a tempting array of baked cake  delights. However, what really blew us away was the knockout  bingsu (which is essentially a Korean shaved ice dessert).  When you visit, be sure to order:   Kinako Bingsu – A towering pile of snowy shaved ice layered  with kinako (toasted soy bean powder), drizzled with  condensed milk and topped with adzuki beans. Awesome stuff!  Adzuki Latte – I’m a die hard adzuki fan and it was my first time trying it in a latte form. And trust me, it’s life-changing!


London cafe: KOVA PATISSERIE  Being the first café that serves mille crêpes in London,  Kova Patisserie has certainly lived up to its hype.  While I wouldn’t say the same for its strawberry shortcake  (the whipped cream wasn’t that light) and its hojicha latte  (I couldn’t really taste the hojicha as it was too watery),  here’s what I like about the place:   Matcha Mille Crêpes – the light custard matcha cream  isn’t too sweet and it goes well with the thin crepes.  The matcha flavour was just right.   The location – nestled along a small alley in Soho,  it’s easily accessible and a great place to satisfy your  matcha cravings. But if you’re looking for something  other than just mille crêpes, I’d suggest you head over  to WA café instead.    


London cafe: TOMBO  This is one of the few places that sells matcha soft serve  (besides Tsujiri, Shackfuyu & Kanada-ya). Order:  Afternoon Tea Set – includes a selection of temari sushi, maki rolls and cakes. Sushi and Japanese desserts for tea? I’m sold.  Matcha Sundae – a level up from the plain matcha soft serve.  Topped with brownies, mochis, granolas and more adzuki (omg!) 


Machiya | 5 Panton Street, Soho, London SW1Y 4DL

They are having a soft launch now till 20th April and will be serving genmaicha mille crêpes & hojicha roll cakes. Hurry there for 50% off (by subscribing to the mailer on their website)! 


Pan de vie | 5 New Row, London WC2N 4LH

I've tried it only once when they've just opened but never returned simply because I didn't really enjoy what we ordered. I've seen good reviews about them recently and there seem to be more varieties now! So maybe they've improved over time? Let me know what you think if you've tried! 

Leave a comment below if you have any other recommendations aren't included in the list! I'll be sure to check them out when I visit London again :-) 

p/s: quite a few have asked me for London's food recommendations so I thought it'd be nice to share them here instead! I'm honestly quite a picky eater. So, I wouldn't guarantee that these reviews aren't biased (they most probably are!) Still, I hope you enjoy reading my first London food guide.

Definitely more to come, I promise!