In London: 3 Reasons To Visit These Brunch Spots Today!



London Cafe: PALM VAULT  1. If you love all things pink, you'll love it here — from the roses on the tables, to the frosting on their cakes, and the yoghurt topped on their banana cakes. This café will make your princess' dream come true.   2. Their colourful lattes are simply gorgeous — and taste even better! We sampled the golden (turmeric) latte and the velvet (beetroot) latte and we loved them both.  3. Come here for their food — just like we did: a slice of banana bread topped with pink coyo (coconut yoghurt!) and a classic avocado toast!


London Cafe: WHERE THE PANCAKES ARE  1.    It’s relatively new — try it before the hype begins and the crowd starts to flood in. 2.    Not your usual savoury pancakes — while some places try to balance out the sweetness of maple syrups on pancakes with just bacon, the pancake shop have outdone themselves.  If you don’t believe me: try the Australian pancake! Pair it with a side of smoked salmon for that extra kick. 3.    They serve Dutch babies — something I’d come back for.  Think a pillow of soft, fluffy pancake served on a hot plate and topped with soft, caramelised apples and berries, what’s not  to love?  


London Cafe: MAE + HARVEY  1. Their scrambled eggs were surprisngly amazing — we  have ordered it as a side to our waffles, and enjoyed it so very much.   2. The peaceful neighbourhood — making it such an ease  to engage in a good (and lengthy) conversation with your  brunch date (without having to eventually give up your  seats for the people in line). We also chanced upon a row  of cherry blossoms while making our way to the cafe (yay!).    3. Absolutely good service — there was only one person  manning the place while we were there, but we didn't have  to wait long for our food to be served. Also, the waiter has  kindly offered a slice of cake to an old lady who was celeb- rating her birthday that day. (how sweet is that?) 


London Cafe: MODERN PANTRY  1. For the minimalist vibe and clean interiors —  with plenty of seats.   2. It’s where East meets West — Modern Pantry  creates a delightful fusion of Asian flavours  on their dishes. Think miso waffles, prawn  omelette with sambal, and yuzu hollandaise.  Cool, no?  3. A place to enjoy your afternoon tea —  that is special (because of its fusion menu), for once! You can  even splurge a little and get the tea set with bubbles. 


London Cafe: DAISY GREEN  1.    Come here for their banana bread — two thick and dense  banana bread, filled with mascarpone, berries and honey. I love  banana bread, and I can live off them. So, when I say these are  good, they are! Their portions are also very generous that it’s  almost too good to be true.  2.    They serve bottomless brunch — for you hungry souls out there who can eat a lot for breakfast/lunch, this place is meant for you!  3.    For their fusion menu — they have an interesting take on all their dishes, which differentiates them from the other brunch places. For example, the fancy bacon roll - two poached eggs,  served with back bacon on a paratha roti, topped with crispy fried onions and drenched in Hollandaise is so special, I loved every bite of it! The onions reminded me of hot dogs I’ve had  in Iceland where we even bought a huge packet of fried onions  (as unhealthy as that sounds) to snack on.  


London cafe: FARM GIRL  1. Try their interestingly-flavoured lattes —  rose & lavender lattes, anyone?  2. For the perfect outdoor seats —  a place to sip tea, enjoy fluffy pancakes and sky gaze.   3. Bonus: Its neighbourhood —  rows and rows of pastel buildings here in Notting Hill. 


London cafe: FRIENDS OF OURS  1. For their menu that changes every season — well, that's  another reason to visit them quarterly, right? Also, additional  points to them for the effort and creativity. I’ve visited them  thrice and tried items from different menus each time. I rem- embered liking their previous version of the smoked haddock  kedgeree (the one topped with onsen egg) better! But so far, none of the food I’ve tasted disappoints, so it’s safe to say  that this is one of my favourite brunch places!   2. Chai lattes, anyone? — I love a good cup of chai latte and the one here is great, I can vouch for that!  3. Try their ricotta hotcakes — that is still on the menu, but  probably not for long. Crispy edges and a soft centre, with  mixed berries and pistachios, ready for a sugar rush? 


London cafe: MONOCLE  1. If you've ever wondered how a Japanese breakfast would  taste like — this is the place to find out.    2. Their bircher muesli is also amazing — alongside other  items on the menu like the Scandinavian breakfast and  shrimp katsu sandwich.   3. For that sweet tooth out there — they have a selection  of fresh bakes including Japanese cakes from Lanka as well as Swedish buns (both cinnamon and cardamom buns!) 


London cafe: LANTANA  1. They have three branches — in Fitzrovia, Shoreditch and  Camden, making them such an easily accessible place to  satisfy your morning bacon cravings.   2. One of the best Australian-inspired brunch place — some- where to enjoy that rich café culture in London.   3. They do Lantana out — a takeaway service with a great  selection of salads, grilled meats/seafood, baked goods  and their signature Lantana Blend coffee.


London cafe: GRANGER & CO  1. A nice Australian brunch place — serving ricotta hotcakes  with banana and honeycomb butter, as well as perfectly  scrambled eggs on sourdough toast.   2. They have an intriguing fusion menu — for those who'd  like a little change from their usual brunch options.   3. There are three branches — in Clerkenwell, King's Cross  and Notting Hill.

That's all for now!

Leave a comment below if you have any other recommendations aren't included in the list! I'll be sure to check them out when I visit London again :-) 

p/s: quite a few have asked me for London's food recommendations so I thought it'd be nice to share them here instead! I'm honestly quite a picky eater. So, I wouldn't guarantee that these reviews aren't biased (they most probably are!) Still, I hope you enjoy reading these guide. 

Definitely more to come, I promise!