In collaboration with Yacht 21


A week ago, I was invited to visit their boutique at Wheelock Place as well as to meet Jarenis, the pretty face behind the Scandinavian-inspired label. 

As soon as you arrive at the store, you'll find yourself greeted with chill vibes, smooth tunes, racks (and racks) of timeless pieces from the different collections, and of course, the warmest sales assistants! If I could, I would lounge on the couch all day, reading books after books. Maybe occasionally take a few sips of tea and snack on dark chocolate cookies. The relaxing vibe in the store goes perfectly in line with the brand's philosophy of "Everyday's a Holiday!" The cashier looked exactly like how I envisioned a hotel reception would be, making it feel as if I was about to check-in and begin my long-anticipated beach vacay. 

All the items in store screamed holiday to me. I wish to pack everything with me to Bali, or any beach for that matter - they are comfy, lightweight and fuss-free. In all honesty, I haven't been visiting boutiques for a long time since all the shopping can now be done online. But my visit to Yacht 21 reminded me of what I've been missing out all this time - to be able to feel the material of the fabrics as they run through your fingers, to be able to admire how well the entire collection of clothing sync with the interior of the store, and to be able to try on each and every item that you fancied until you find the best one for you. I loved the whole shopping experience, of course, that has a lot to do with the brand itself! In Yacht 21, you can find pieces for all occasions - for work, casual dates, or a vacation on the beach. 

While it's true that technology has changed the way consumers shop since everything has become so digitalized over the years, shopping in the mall is a whole lot of fun, especially in a boutique like this. Here, you get to play with special functions of the Bello vanity mirror - be it changing tones (from the selection of indoor/outdoor/night) or varying the light intensities. Or perhaps you'll find yourself a hidden gem, like the jewellery specially curated by local designers. For those who need a second opinion or simply just can't make up your mind, opt for their personal shopping service and let the stylist advise you on what suits you best. Who knows, you might even learn to embrace a new style you've never tried before! It's the whole shopping experience you take away with you that makes the price you pay worth even more. 

With that being said, be sure to visit their physical store, if you haven't already. Since the newest collection launched will first be stocked in their Wheelock Place store, you'll be able to get your hands on their latest selections before they run out! They also have more selections from previous collections that are already sold out online. What's more is that they offer home delivery service upon request, for someone who loves receiving parcels (to recreate the feeling of unboxing presents on Christmas). If you find yourself loving all the pieces from the brand (something I'm definitely guilty of), be sure to join their complimentary membership (no minimum spending required!) for exclusive deals and treats - visit their blog for more information! Don't forget to have a little fun with the mirror while you're at the boutique. But if you can't wait to shop, hop over to their website! 🥂✨

A huge shoutout to the Yacht 21 team (especially Jarenis & Aileen - they were so patient with us!) for having us that night, we had so much fun! Also very grateful to have Kristy with me and thanks for helping me with the pictures!