Day Two in 東京 🇯🇵

Day one was just a preview of what Tokyo's got to offer because our day two in Tokyo was pretty intense. Can you believe we managed to clock in 24k steps that day? Not that I'm complaining because I love walking (though YH doesn't haha).

We started our day at Tokyo Imperial Palace 皇居. It was nice strolling around the East Gardens in the morning when it was still chilly. An iconic spot for a good view of the palace would be the Seimon Ishibashi bridge 正門石橋 that leads to the main gate of the Imperial Palace. Honestly, I was still pretty amazed by how the serenity of the palace juxtaposed against the bustling vibe coming from the concrete jungle surrounding it. It did make me feel like I was teleported out of the city and into a scenic garden filled with lush greeneries. But once you are out of the palace grounds, you'll immediately be greeted by high-rise buildings and an insane amount of traffic. Afterwards, we headed for brunch at the nearby ChaoChao Gyoza (because we all need at least 5 meals a day when in Tokyo!). Apparently, the branch in Kyoto is so much better (we did pass by once and the queue was crayyy!). But even so, this was good enough for us! The thin skin of the gyoza was crispy and the filling was super juicy - we enjoyed every bite of it - I wished there were more! 

Lunch was at Tsukiji Fish Market but I'm not a fan of raw fish so we didn't have much. We also regretted ordering the sweet tamago because it was wayyyyy too sweet for our liking. If you are visiting, get the savoury one instead! Ending off the meal with a soft-serve we got from a random store, but it didn't matter because the soft-serves in Japan all taste freakin' amazing (I haven't tried one I didn't love!)


continuing on with our adventures..

We passed by Kabuki-za 歌舞伎座 for a quick photo while on our way to catch the metro to Asakusa 浅草. Okay, I lied. It was never a quick one because we literally stood in the middle of the road for say, 15 minutes, as we were trying to get a shot without any cars in the background. I'm ever so thankful to have an amazingly patient boyfriend who's willing to do all these for me and with me! Although he did ask me to give up when my requests were really unattainable hahaha.

Next stop, Tokyo's oldest temple — Sensõ-ji 浅草寺! We arrived in the evening before the main hall closes at 17:00 (note: the temple grounds are always open). Within the temple itself, there were o-mijkuji 御神籤 stalls. For a donation of ¥100, we retrieved our fortune from one of the hundred drawers based on the number written on the stick we got from shaking a metal container. In case you're curious, I got one with a "Great Blessing" and still kept it in my wallet haha. If you're looking for an afternoon snack then you're in luck! Leading to the temple's second gate, Hõzõmon is a shopping street selling assorted Japanese snacks alongside other souvenirs. 

Now, it's time for sunset at the world's tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree 東京スカイツリー. We only went up to the Tembo Deck at floor 350 where we waited for the sun to set. Well, that meant we spent more than an hour chilling at the tower which was just enough time for us to rest our legs after a whole day of walking! It was pretty cloudy, so there sadly wasn't a nice sunset view. We, however, managed to see the city in daytime and nighttime which were both unique in their own ways. We sure did make full use of our ¥2,060 entrance tickets! 

Is it dinner yet? We had ours at Mengyo 麺魚 which specialises in madai 真鯛 (red sea bream) ramen. The staff recommended the thick soup base which is cloudier instead of the clear version and we absolutely loved it! The soup is a mix of seabream and creamy chicken broth. Surprise, surprise! Our ramen came with delicately-sliced pink chashu and Japanese mustard spinach on top of whole wheat noodles that were soaked in a rich madai broth. You could taste flakes of madai meat in every mouthful of the irresistibility flavourful yet not overpowering soup. The dash of grated yuzu peel also helped to cut out any fishiness in the broth. As someone who loves to eat fish, this is my bowl of comfort food. Yummmmmz.

Of course, we're not done with our meal until dessert's served! Our food hunting journey continued with Pablo Mini パブロ in Akihabara 秋葉原. They had this limited edition sweet potato flavour for that month and I just knew I had to try it! Clearly, it was the best decision I've made. (Did I mention I love sweet potatoes so much I had it for breakfast every day for almost four years?) Even though it was slightly pricier than the normal tarts, they were so generous with their ingredients! 

Stay tuned to find out what we did & where we went on day three!