Follow me to Florence

photographed by the boyfriend & myself

Florence radiates a slow, rustic yet romantic vibe.

The city served the best gelato we've ever had. Well, and that was pretty much the reason why we had to have at least a gelato a day. Don't believe me? Try this combination: pistachio and hazelnut, and I promise it will change your world! It's been our go-to every time we treat ourselves, even on days when we were freezing in London. 

On our very last day in Florence, we took a bus uphill to catch sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo. We were pretty lucky to secure a spot by the edge and got a glimpse of this gorgeous sunset with pretty hues of purple and pink (the picture surely didn't do enough justice), despite the place being crowded by tourists who all came to witness this picturesque view just as we did! No regrets going the extra miles just for this one in a lifetime experience.