Where else better to reminisce our favourite memories as a kid and relive our childhood dreams than in the largest theme park in South Korea?

To be fair, the park located in Yongjin requires some effort and time to get to. For public transport: take bus number 5002 from Gangnam Station which will take you to Yangjae Station in about 50 minutes. Everland shuttle buses come in routinely from there to take visitors to the nearby park! To avoid all that hassle, we decided to take a shuttle bus departing from Seoul Station (conveniently located near our Airbnb accommodation). A roundtrip shuttle bus ride together with the one-day adult entrance ticket costs ₩66,000 but we manage to get this package at a steal of ₩47,000 through Indiway. If you wish to stay for the fireworks show at night, there's also a shuttle bus service package for late return. Even if you choose to take public transport, you can still save up to 35% by booking your Everland tickets through Indiway! Also, get your Q-passes for the more popular attractions (such as T-express and Lost Valley) at only ₩8,000 with any purchase of Everland ticket. That's something you might want to consider if you just hate long queues and disappointments! Now I know they all sound too good to be true, but I've personally used FUNKO's services before and they are just pure amazing, it'd be a shame to not share it! 

Our shuttle bus arrived on the dot, before heading to pick others up from various stops along the way. Make sure to be punctual because the bus waits for no one! Within an hour, we were magically transported to the theme park of my dreams. The weather had been incredibly kind to us that day, despite the occasional bouts of drizzle, but nothing significant enough to ruin our once-in-a-blue-moon trip to the theme park. While it's true that both Everland and Lotte World are made for the thrill-seekers, they each target slight different age groups. I'd say that Lotte World is more popular among young couples and high-schoolers who are often seen in large groups. Whereas Everland is a crowd-pleaser. It has Zoo-topia and Aesop's Village fancied by younger kids as well as T-express for adults seeking for an adrenaline rush. That probably explains why it's mostly filled with families with children.  

My favourite part of the park would undeniably be the rose garden (so typical of me, I know). The garden surrounds what I'd like to call the Queen of Hearts castle - embellished with huge, white pearls and dangling fairy lights. The cherry on top would obviously be the heart-shaped frame at the front that's made entirely out of roses. Even at the end of the rose season, we still managed to catch a few blooming ones (lucky us!). At night, the whole Rose castle will be transformed into something utterly mesmerising when the music lighting show is held. This would be the perfect spot for a romantic date. 

I'm glad that I finally made a trip down to Everland on my fourth Seoul visit. Every corner of this theme park is filled with colours that instantly brighten up your day. No matter at what age, Everland is sure to bring out the kid in you! 

Note: A QR code will be sent via email after the booking process is completed at Indiway. Everland tickets are non-refundable, but the good news is that if there's a change of plan, you can visit the theme park anytime before the QR code expires (as stated in the email).