Follow me to Chiang Rai

photographed by myself (and Cosy); portraits by Eva

While researching for traveling destination, my mum suggested Chiang Mai since it would be much colder in December given its geographical location. So, I quickly googled Chiang Mai and saw images of Wat Rong Khun. I knew it then that I had to go there! We immediately book our flight (two weeks before the trip hahaha) and continue to search for accommodation. Little did we know that the white temple of my dream is actually much closer to Chiang Rai, (I found out after digging deeper). But nothing can stop us from visiting the temple, let alone a three hour car ride! 

We didn’t manage to spend time in the city itself, but Wat Rong Khun and the flower field we chanced upon halfway was certainly worth all the time and money spent. If you have extra time, visit Baan Dam as well!