Follow me to Chiang Mai: Our Stay

photographed by myself; portraits by mummy, cosy & bill

 On our last day in Chiang Mai, we managed to squeeze in some time for a hearty breakfast before catching our morning flight. Our stay in Chiang Mai has been nothing short of amazing, because the hotel we stayed at was such a gem!


  1. For transport: get around with Uber for short distances, and hire a taxi for day trips. We’ve taken all kinds of transport throughout our trip, i.e. taxi, songthaew, tuk tuk and uber. The verdict? Take uber whenever you’re travelling in a group. The same short distance (10 mins drive) costs 50Baht on Uber (for 4), but 30Baht per person on songthaew. There are taxis for hire that will take you out for a day trip (be it Doi Inthanon national park or Wat Rong Khun). But, feel free to take tuk tuk and songthaew for the experience!
  2. For shopping: the night markets. We bought a 450Baht pyjamas bottoms thinking it was such a steal, and soon realise wasn’t the case when we saw similar ones going at only half the price in the Sunday night markets. So yes, we’ve learnt it the hard way. Besides snacks (I mean mango sticky rice!) and food, the night markets also sell a wide variety of souvenirs, handmade products and clothes at really affordable prices. 
  3. For attire: try to dress modestly, i.e. cover your shoulders and knees. Since Chiang Mai is all about visiting temples after another, all of them require a more modest dressing. So, it’d be nice to bring along a scarf wherever you go because it will surely be of use at some point, either on chilly nights or during temple visits.