In Bangkok: the ultimate brunch spots



Bangkok cafe: BREKKIE  Interior: 8/10 There’s a row of swings by the window on second floor of the café which makes a good photo spot.  Food: 9/10 I had the fried quinoa tom yum with diced salmon and absolutely loved it! The sweet potato fries are also one of the best I’ve had!


Bangkok Cafe: ORGANIKA  Interior: 10/10 An all-white interior, marbled tiles, shelves lined with rows and rows of perfumes, plentiful of natural light -- classy!  Food: 8/10 Their cocktail & dessert pairing looks good and tastes equally heavenly - we had their secret rose garden.


Bangkok Cafe: ROCKET COFFEEBAR  Interior: 10/10 The interior itself (just look at that!) is what made our effort of walking ten minutes in the rain worthwhile.  Food: 7/10 There's something about drinking a hot cuppa tea after being almost completely drenched that will instantly warm you up!


Bangkok Cafe: PATOM ORGANIC LIVING  Interior: 9/10  If you’re someone who’s a thing for natural light and greenery, this glasshouse is made for you!  Food: 8/10 Health nuts and clean eat advocates will go nuts over  their prepacked lunchboxes and locally-sourced groceries. My only regret would be not buying more of the organic  snacks (e.g. dried bananas/banana chips) home :-(  


Bangkok Cafe: LUKA  Interior: 8/10  This place reminded me of a vintage shop that sells  antique furnitures and other knickknacks.  Food: 7/10  It’d been perfect if they are generous with the avocado  serving on the toast — its flavour was overpowered by  the pesto sauce. Their grilled cheese was good though!   


Bangkok Cafe: (NOT JUST) ANOTHER CUP  Interior: 7/10  This two storey café has a cosy atmostphere with a chill vibe. Other than that, there’s nothing special about the interior,  it’s just a very typical café. We had to wait to get a seat since  it was packed when we arrived (around lunch time?)  Food: 8/10  To be fair, we only sampled two cakes out of the huge selection of pastries (as pictured above) they offered. The matcha roll  cake was good, but tiramisu could be a little less dry. That  aside, the reviews for the café are good. It would’ve been fairer  if we tried more items from the menu (they all look absolutely  delectable!)


Bangkok Cafe: WANDERLUST  Interior: 6/10  With just a couple of furnitures scattered out in an industrial  compound, it’s sad to say I’m not a big fan of its interior.   Food: 7/10  The dutch pancakes I had was absolutely delish - caramelized bananas, a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped on fluffy,  warm pancakes - and perfect for sharing!    

I've just come back from Bangkok and am super excited to be sharing with you some of my favourite cafés. So, here's a list of cafés I'd recommend checking out on days you crave for a hearty breakfast/brunch because they do serve pretty filling dishes (think pancakes 🥞, avocado toast 🥑, grilled cheese sandwiches 🧀 and quinoa bowls 🍚) along with amazing coffees. 

Taste-wise, I personally prefer the brunch places in Chiang Mai (especially SS1254372 and Rustic&Blue) that offer a great selection with generous portions. Interior-wise, most of these cafés are two-storey, well-furnished, impeccably decorated and naturally lit — that really made up for everything. I hope that rating and ranking these cafés according to the two factors I value the most makes your life easier as you try to sieve out the best cafés to head to when you have a limited time in Bangkok! 

I'll be sharing the best cafés for desserts/tea in another list, so keep your eyes peeled 👀✨