For traditional breakfast

Bangkok breakfast place: ON LOK YUN  This 80s style breakfast place has certainly won our hearts.  While there’s Chin Mei Chin in Singapore, Kong Thai Lai in  Penang and Yut Kee in Kuala Lumpur, there’s On Lok Yun in  Bangkok.   We ordered almost everything on the menu: eggs with bacon,  ham & sausage, bread with sugar & butter, french toast, egg  custard (kaya) bread. Well, clearly, that wasn’t enough for 4  pax, and because it was so good, we had to almost double  our order by getting another serving of two of our favourite.  My favourite was the bread with sugar & butter! The bread itself is so soft and fluffy, and when it’s covered in butter and sugar? That’s even better! There were a buttery fragrance and a little crunch to it. Another crowd-pleaser would be the french toast! Albeit on the oilier side, this Thai-version break- the fast dish was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!  Don’t forget to dip everything in the custard (served with evaporated milk) because why not?!  After seeing this place on Instagram, I’m so glad to have finally  tried it out myself, and it didn’t at all disappoint!

For good & affordable Japanese cuisine

Where to eat in Bangkok: ISAO - Japanese Restaurant  This is another place I found on Instagram when they just opened their doors (about three years ago?). I’m a huge fan of makis - I love how fuss-free they are and how each bite is literally an explosion of flavours!  Their Crunchy roll is hands down the best maki I’ve tried! It’s essentially salmon maki covered in tempura batter and deep-fried. Another popular maki we tried and love is the Sandwich - salmon sandwiched between rice, dusted with crunchy tempura bits and ebiko. The Volcano is a secret, off-the-menu item recommended by Mey. It was amazing!   

While I was in Bangkok, I managed to meet my uni friends, Mey & Pam and catch up over dinner at ISAO. I've been wanting to try this place for the longest time and I'm glad I did. The food's great, but company's even better! So happy to finally meet them since last summer after our graduation (which was almost a year ago, time flies!) Missing Prae who's doing her Masters in London, but I'm sure we'll meet again very soon 🤗 Also, thank you Mey & Pam for the treat, we've had a good time! Jasmine and I loved the place so much that we went back two days later for lunch when we're around the area 🤣     

For authentic Thai food

Where to eat in Bangkok: CHILLI CAFE  We obviously went a little too excited and over-ordered, since it was a late lunch (at that time, we’re starving!) We had their pineapple fried rice, green curry chicken and  spring rolls. My ultimate favourite was the green curry  as well as the roti that came with it, it was so goooood. It was a little spicy and Jasmine couldn’t take the heat,  so I had it all to myself hehe. They were really generous with the portions and the rice was enough to feed three. Albeit on the pricier side (compared to street food), it’s one of the best meals we’ve had in Bangkok!

Eathai (Central Embassy) - it's a premium food court that allows you to taste street food in an air-conditioned environment (yay!) There's a lot of stalls to pick from, so it's definitely a great place to satisfy everyone's taste bud if you're travelling in a big group. Do yourself a favour and order the green curry fried rice and Thai omelette! 

For desserts

Bangkok has some of the best cafés that I've been to, read more about them here 🍰☕

For brunch

A list of brunch places can be found here 🥑🍳🥓🥞



For sightseeing

Where to go in Bangkok: THE GRAND PALACE - the official residence of Kings of Siam since 1782.

Wat Arun - we were supposed to visit after the Grand Palace but decided to change our plan because the weather didn't seem to be in our favour. Surprise, surprise, it started pouring (not even exaggerating!) right after we exited the palace and was waiting for our uber. In the end, our first uber driver didn't stop for us and we had to get another one. Even twenty minutes spent waiting in the rain felt twenty minutes too long. We ended up completely drenched, but 'twas an interesting experience!  

For Shopping

Where to shop: CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET  With more than 8,000 stalls spreading over  27 sections, this place is huge! Tip: check  out their map to see which sections interest  you most, and shop in pairs (it saves time!)  Don’t forget to get the famous coconut ice-cream! We got a mix of Thai milk tea  & coconut flavours and loved them both! 

Terminal 21 - even though there's only two-storeys that's selling clothes and accessories, I prefer this over Platinum Fashion Mall because the things are more unique (albeit on the pricier side). If you're here, don't forget to head over to Cha Tra Mue's stall in the basement for Thai milk tea soft-serve🍦The food court at the top floor is also extremely popular with tourists and locals alike!

Siam Square - here you can find quirky boutiques and local designer brands. My favourite would be matchbox and sense of style (SOS) - there are a few within the area. Both houses Thai fashion labels that have a lot of basic (but amazing quality) pieces, mainly in pastels but there are also statement items. I'd say that the shopping environment (and items they have) here is very similar to Stylenanda and Chuu in Seoul!

Night markets (TALAD Neon & JJ Green) - the clothes sold are really, really affordable. However, the quality was compromised and designs are quite repetitive. If there's one thing you can get, that'd be phone cases because they are so much cheaper and there are more options to choose from! There were a few rows of stalls between Siam Centre and Siam Discovery, selling handmade items and whatnots. One particular stall selling customisable tote bags, t-shirts and cups really stood out to us. We ended up getting some stuff from them and had to walk around for an hour while waiting for them to customise it. It's definitely well-worth the wait! 



I hope that these tips/guides are somewhat helpful for those travelling/planning to travel to Bangkok. Super glad that I got to go to Bangkok again since my last visit (when I was five 👧🏻), as Jasmine's boyfriend, Pony couldn't make it because of his work trip. To be honest, Jasmine and I met through Instagram (I followed her since 3/4 years ago?) and we've only met up thrice before the trip (sounds crazy right?). But she feels like an old friend and we just clicked instantly! Beneath that demure-looking façade, she's down-to-earth and unpretentious (and a little too lame but mostly funny 🤣). It also helped that we have endless things to talk about (like our obsession with taking nice pictures and ootds hahaha). Thanks to her, I've also made some new friends this trip since we travelled with two of her Poly friends, Claire & Jieni (that makes four of us!) They are both super accommodating, friendly and easygoing - and that certainly made the entire trip more fun and memorable! 


Leave a comment below if you've other recommendations!