Follow me to Iceland: Part I

photographed by me; portraits by Christine

With its unique landscape and number of waterfalls (around 30?!) it accommodates, Iceland is another planet altogether, or rather, it contains many different planets. Although travelling in summer meant that we would miss out on the sight of Northern lights and the chance to experience snow, we definitely didn't enjoy our trip any less. 

Driving around the ring road in the middle of nowhere, and being completely surrounded by nature was a first for us, yet every moment spent here felt calmly familiar and very peaceful. Despite visiting so many waterfalls I lost count by the end of the trip, each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. 

Iceland certainly blew our minds away, with the kinds of view it offers: mosses, greeneries (and lupins!), rust-toned mountains, milky blue water at sulphur fields, and gorgeous black beaches (with diamond-like icebergs, of course). The panoramic sceneries we get by just looking out from the car windows was something we could easily get used to, and a view we missed terribly once we were back in the concrete jungle..

Iceland, you surely didn't disappoint!


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